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Planning for the Data Architecture and Infrastructure sessions/workshops at the 2023 Autumn AMM in Troy, Detroit, MI

  • Possibilities from meeting brain storming
    • Christian Muehlbauer discussing internally about what we might be able to show. Workshop could discuss knowledge layer proposal.
    • Arnaldo Vera Some possibilities we are discussing: Tooling for conversion to JSON-schema. Realm for OTA. Connected car sync.
      • Steve mentions Adnan Bekan PR for a VSS vspec to json-schema tool. Arnaldo will take a look.
    • Stephen Lawrence Store/Server playground, Design doc publishing.
    • Ulf Bjorkengren plans to present update on HIM including new additions.
  • Paul Boyes interesting to see conceptual design/requirements for connecting signals to non-signal info/knowledge in-vehicle and on to cloud.
    • Discussion of how this relates to other areas. Some topics likely best as a wider group workshop, e.g. combining data models

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