As the automotive industry undergoes a digital transformation driven by changing customer expectations, COVESA is aligning its efforts to address the key opportunities and challenges around evolving digital experiences and seamless integration required to meet consumers’ digital lifestyles and the broader mobility ecosystem.

Given the limitations of individual OEMs, suppliers, and partners, we understand the necessity for integrating solutions from various ecosystems to meet these changing consumer expectations. Together, we can achieve this through robust data models, industry frameworks, standardized APIs, and flexible, interoperable solutions.

Addressing Core Challenges

To begin the foundational work of addressing digital expectations in the automotive industry, COVESA is concentrating on three core challenges, each pivotal in shaping the future of connected vehicles:

  1. Challenge 1 – Keeping the In-Vehicle Digital Experience Up to Date
  2. Challenge 2 – Embracing the Customer’s Digital Life
  3. Challenge 3 – Integrating Vehicles into Broader Mobility Solutions

We dive into these three critical challenges in detail in our latest white paper, “Unlocking the Potential of Connected Vehicles with COVESA.” As a collaborative force in the automotive industry, COVESA is at the forefront of revolutionizing the connected vehicle sector. To better understand how COVESA is transforming the connected vehicle landscape, we invite you to read more in our latest white paper!

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