With Cindy L. Warner, Founder and CEO of 360ofme

What does your company do? What services or products do you provide?

360ofme exists to transform the paradigm of personal data ownership that rebuilds trust between ethical enterprises and consumers.

Our ethical data exchange platform enables an enterprise to comply with the growing regulatory environment for consumer data privacy laws while protecting the personal data of a consumer on their terms and in compliance with current laws.

We enable Consent, Control, Collaboration, and Context for the personal data of a consumer, as they endeavor to consume goods and services from enterprises. Our ethical, two-sided exchange goes beyond compliance, empowering a scalable and profitable ecosystem anchored in verified identities and user consent.


Why did you join COVESA, and how long has your company been a member?

We recently joined COVESA in October 2023 as we are in our first year as a startup. We are honored to be part of this community at the forefront of innovation for connected vehicles.

With 360ofme as the trusted privacy layer between the vehicle and the consumer, we empower enterprises such as OEMs to ensure their connected vehicles comply with data privacy regulations while generating revenue.  

We have a proprietary approach to consent management, identity assurance (knowing your customer), and sharing/monetization of a consumer’s data that facilitates a trusted exchange and enables a value realization for all parties.


What benefits does your participation in COVESA bring to your company and business? 

We are so very excited to be part of COVESA for three primary reasons: 1) To create and share thought leadership with members regarding consumer data privacy and how to effectively manage in the new environment, 2) To enable COVESA members to learn about our solution and how it can enable their enterprise, and 3) To support affinity groups in conjunction with COVESA, such as Women in Technology, Mobility or Data.

Which COVESA collaborative project(s) or Birds of a Feather (BoF) is your company engaged in, and why is that beneficial to your business?

 360ofme is interested in leading a Consent Management collaborative project across connected car services.  The collaboration of these companies would empower OEMs and Tiers to better understand data privacy regulation as it pertains to building trust across their customers. We hope to contribute to accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles through ethical data privacy practices, which can drive the mobility ecosystem forward in ethical ways.

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