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This is the top level page for the Central Data Service Playground project.

Table of contents:

Sub-pages below this one:


The playground is conceived to meet various Covesa needs:

  • A neutral playground to investigate internals of data services. In the context of data-centric architectures for example.
  • A neutral playground to investigate, illustrate and disseminate combining data services and the Covesa eco-system with other parts of the vehicle and off-board. For example, to demonstrate how VSS data can be used with VISS for newcomers.
  • Repeated use of shared terminology, patterns and tools leads to quicker understanding in discussions, shared costs in development and can lead to quicker outcomes.
    • Jump from 'what is the box' to 'how are we using the box' for example.

In the interim before the project itself provides the necessary explanations, for a better explanation of why, what and how please read the original proposal for the project.

Project resources

Here you will find information on how the project is managed.

Source repositoryhttps://github.com/COVESA/cdsp
Project managementCOVESA Github Project Central Data Service Playground
ChatCovesa Community Slack channel #data-architecture-pillar: https://covesacommunity.slack.com/archives/C06353TRF5F

Early planning

Early planning can be found in the sub-page Early planning. As early planning for a new project is typically messy it is being done there to avoid the later problem of a messy landing page that is hard for later newcomers to understand.

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