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Implementation roadmap

  • milestone 1 - Spring GENIVI Virtual Tech Summit (4-7 May 2021)
  • milestone 2 - internal milestone (early Q3 - mid-July)
  • milestone 3 - Fall All Member Meeting (Virtual ?)  October ?
  • milestone 4 - January 2022 – (planned for CES ?)

Communication framework architecture

This page lists the different components and tasks to be completed for the architecture discussed on the Vehicle data exchange protocols page. The table references to the following diagram, with components that are considered in scope for the PoC highlighted with green color.





StateStorage and VSSFeeder is expected to be combined into one component in the implementation.


ValueStoreIF:   ?
ValueQueryIF:  ?

Interface details

(OEM Cloud) GraphQLDatabaseIF:   (Interface between VSS2-Database ↔ Resource Mgmt (GraphQL server)

The interface is expected to be accessing the database itself.  In order to give the GraphQL server full freedom to query data intelligently, it should connect directly to the SQL database.


Description of work

Apache License is more preferred by participants.


previously captured notes on AWS.  See 2021-May AMM presentation for more up to date presentation by Kevin.

Cloud Infrastructure Tools (for production-grade design proposals)

AWS tools – which of these might be useful?