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Proposal nameAuthorReference resourcesMain idea(s)
Transforming from a vehicle centric data model to a domain agnostic information model

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nameTransforming from a data model to an information model.pptx

Presented at COVESA AMM 
Porto (April 2023)

Defining the COVESA data modeling strategy and its associated artifacts

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Presented at COVESA AMM 
Porto (April 2023)

  • Use the right tool for the job.
    • Do not try to cover multiple domains with only one tree.
    • There are other types of data models that are more expressive than a tree.
  • Use an standard language to express cross-references (e.g., RDF).
  • Use ontologies to handle data integration and the identification of resources.
  • Provide the mechanisms to sync a tree to an ontology, and standardise the steps to follow.
  • Do you need a data model, or are you looking for a use-case specific data schema?
  • For more details, see the extended description.
GraphQL schema as contract

Daniel Wilms


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Presented at VSS data modeling group on  

Integrating Vehicle Signals with VSS and Metadata

Alan Freedman


Passcode: #+wbA5dy

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nameVSS Extensions and Ford Signal Ontology.pptx

Consolidated A consolidated view on Vehicle Data Modeling at COVESA

Daniel Alvarez 


  • A proposal that combines the features of the multiple approaches that have been presented so far into one.