As a member-driven organization, COVESA serves as a community for discussing and aligning on essential technology approaches and for new ways of adopting or extending COVESA deliverables like the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS).  During the Troy All Member Meeting in October 2023, a number of such discussions advancing COVESA's efforts to deliver common approaches to its members and to the industry at large for adoption. Not all discussions resulted in clear guidance, but in each case, progress was made in understanding options and approaches that should be considered in determining COVESA work outputs.

Common Vehicle Interface Discussion Gains Momentum

In the past year, the interest and efforts to define Common Vehicle Interfaces in-car to ease integration and interoperability for the benefit of consumers, automakers, and tech companies has grown strongly within COVESA.  In July, the Data Expert Group held a workshop to begin aligning the various thinking, efforts, and projects.  The alignment and discussion continued and gained momentum at the Troy AMM with a working session and the following member contributions and presentations (in order of presentation):

o   (GM Press Release)

There are plenty of interface technologies and solutions, the challenge is for OEMs and ecosystem partners to coalesce around these in a way that enables and fosters a united ecosystem.  We are on our way, please take part, collaborate and contribute.  The Common Vehicle Interfaces discussion takes place every Tuesday.  See the Community Calendar for details.

Incubating Projects in COVESA

One of the highlights of the COVESA event in October was the serious conversations about several new initiatives within COVESA. For several months, the interest in commercial and off-road vehicles and their need for a common data model has been discussed. The Commercial Vehicle Birds of a Feather (BoF) met and discussed practical cases for the use of VSS in commercial vehicles. They looked carefully at important topics like fleet range prediction, fleet blueprint and consent management.

In parallel, another group of stakeholders including Stellantis has been driving for a new group in the Vehicle Experience and Content areas, including vehicle commerce

Finally, a very interesting set of sessions revolved around road safety and how commonly described vehicle data can play a critical role in saving lives.

If you have any questions about these emerging projects in COVESA, please contact Paul Boyes, COVESA Community Director.

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