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  1. How to handle Epics (dev themes) which is not a feature of Github Projects? e.g. use undated Milestones.
  2. How to handle tasks in a ticket that are not directly development such as operational tasks? Could use enhancement label then have problem of filtering those from feature enhancements.

Use cases to be explored

Christian Muehlbauer Input (Proposal):

User Story:

"As a user of the Playground, for example, I would like to be able to quickly implement the following use case - representative for a Use Case “touching all touchpoints” of a data-centric automotive ecosystem - in a fast proof of concept implementation using Lego pieces from the Playground."

Validation Use Case:

(Based on:

Image Added

Ideally, the Playground Repo provides a selection of components for each „X“ for the corresponding target platform (SDK, or docker, etc):

Image Addedtbd

Steve input (brainstorm list):